Herculaneum in Pictures

Jackie and Bob are pleased to announce the launch of HerculaneuminPictures as a companion site to our PompeiiinPictures offering.

We would like to thank Michael Binns and Buzz Ferebee for their many photographs that have helped fill the gaps we had with our own.

We would also like to thank Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill for allowing us to use material from his book Herculaneum Past and Future

(Wallace-Hadrill, A. 2011. Herculaneum, Past and Future. London, Frances Lincoln.)

So many houses in Herculaneum are closed and under restoration which means that our coverage is limited in places.

This is our first offering and we look forward to expanding the coverage wherever the Parco Archeologico Ercolano allows access.

Our Pompeii sites www.pompeiiinpictures.com and www.pompeiiinpictures.org will continue to be available separately but the Herculaneum and Pompeii web sites will be linked so you can move between them, whenever you wish.

Plan based on that in Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

The areas in grey are still underground and thus not visitable.

Click on the plan above or the links below to start to see the photographs for that area.

The old entrance to the excavations is also on the plan so by clicking on that you can walk down the path from there to the ticket office, down to the excavations, looking at the south-east corner from above and across the bridge into the excavations between insula II and Insula III.

Entrance and south-east corner

Insula II

Insula III

Insula IV

Insula V

Insula VI

Insula VII

Insula Orientalis I

Insula Orientalis II

South-east corner, baths, terrace, sacred area and boatsheds with skeletons

Decumanus Maximus North side


Villa dei Papiri complex including the Villa of the Dionysiac Reliefs and seaside pavilion


We hope you enjoy our new offering and that it will both inspire you and helpyou plan your next trip to Herculaneum.

Jackie and Bob Dunn